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weber genesis grill E330
Lets hears on what people says about Weber genesis E330 liquid propane gas grill. In this post just take some if they suggesting buying this? They satisfied using it? Maybe something lacks on this type of grills? Just take some note on customers review on this Weber genesis E330 gas grill. Total customers review on this kind of grill is about 32 comment. The most added features grills from Weber. Lets hear some of them commenting on this product.

Really pleased.,
February 18, 2011
5.0 out of 5 stars
"This is an excellent grill. Good, old-fashioned, solid quality and design. I'll try to cover some things that haven't been mentioned already. If you want more info before you buy, download the assembly instructions and owner manual at the Weber site, under Gas Grills, Genesis 2011 series. Don't bother printing the instructions, as they will be too small to be useful. The included instructions are on both sides of a 22" by 17" (56 x 43 cm) sheet.

From arrival of the box to first flame was about two hours. None of the assembly steps are difficult, there are just a lot of them. There were some trivial things about assembly that could be improved. Lift properly while unpacking: Most everything is heavy, and packed-in tight, and you have to lean over the large box to get them out. The included wrench isn't that useful, so I used a socket wrench. All the parts were SAE instead of metric. The doors are very simple to install. Set the door on a pin in the front of the frame, use your finger to push down on a retracting pin on top of the door, and move it into place. That's it. The instructions say to use a screwdriver in a slot in the back of the door to pull down on the spring under the pin. This is actually what you would do to remove the door.

The side tables are stainless, and they were covered by a sheet of sticky protective material. Although it pulls off cleanly, it is a little hard to pull out of seams and corners. I would guess the stainless model of the grill would have a lot more. There are two locking nuts that are used when attaching the cookbox to the frame. The instructions show a flat nut. Putting the smaller, locking part of the nut facing into the cookbox seemed to be the correct way to do it. The grease tray slides into position on two rails, and securely drops into place. The instructions show some kind of spring clip that isn't there on this model. It's definitely not needed.

Left over parts? Two. The grill is shipped with the lid attached to the cookbox using the same pins that are in a bag. I can't imagine those ever being lost or worn out, but you will have spares if they do! You'll forget all that when you start to use it. First, the casters work extraordinarily well. I literally rolled it across my wooden deck with one finger. It's a good thing the front two lock, because I think it could move on a high wind day. Ignition is instant. With the first click of the igniter I had fire on any burner.

The instructions say 10-15 minutes to get to 500 degrees. On a 78 degree (26 C) day, with a good breeze blowing, and in the shade, it took 10 and 1/2 minutes to get there using the three main burners. There were a few, small wisps of smoke that smelled like hot paint. Other reviewers have said it cooks really well, and I agree, so I won't bore you with how delicious that chicken was.... If you're looking for a top quality grill that cooks great, I'd recommend this one. "
Robert Buch

Review and Assembly of Weber Genesis e 330 LP Grill,
 January 22, 2011
5.0 out of 5 stars
"I recently purchased a Weber e 330 LP grill in the green color from Amazon. After assembly that took me approximately 2-3 hours ( I work slow and methodically) the grill was ready for its first trial. Assembly instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow. Several days later we had a couple come over for dinner and I tried out the grill. First, I heated up the grill with all burners on full for approximately 1/2 hour to burn off any manufacturing oils. then, I cooled it down while I prepared some 2" beef tenderloins...coated both sides with olive oil and salt and peppered both sides...they were looking good! I then heated up the grill utilizing the 3 left burners...including the SEARING burner...closed the lid to allow the grill to get to temperature. I placed the steaks on on the cast iron grates and cooked one side for several minutes...rotated them 45degrees to get great grill marks and repeated the process on the other side. Well, these steaks came out wonderful...I made them medium rare and was amazed how well they cooked...when I cut one, Weber 6537001 Genesis E-330 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Green the meat was a nice red throughout the entire 2" thickness and very juicy. In my past grills the searing was on the 2 outer surfaces and raw in the middle. I'm very happy with the performance and quality of my new Weber grill. I'd recommend this grill to my friends. "

Joseph R. Cannizzaro (Florida, USA)

Absolutely Amazing,
February 26, 2011
5.0 out of 5 stars
 "I have had quite a few grills including a $2k grand turbo elite and this was just amazing. I had debated on the summit 420 with the extra burners and size, but this grill works for everything. I have had it 2 months and cooked ribs, t-bones, rib-eyes, and beer can chicken. Completely thrilled with grill. No flare ups, great temp holding. I was grilling in 20 degree weather and no issue with holding temp. The sear burner works great and the side burner is wonderful. No regrets at all with this grill. Definitely a quality weber product especially with the change on the burner controls and burner routing (E-w vs. N-S). I opted for the e-330 vs the s-330 based on the price. You can go and buy the grills and and the warmer rack on Amazon for less than the price difference with the s-330, plus the s- will start to brown after a few years. "
Dallas Mom of Twins "Dallas Mom of Twins" (Dallas, TX)

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