Cleaning A Weber Genesis Grill

Clean your Weber genesis grill after using it is trult important for making the genesis grill still looking good and to make it still stay the same as the first time you buying it. Of course taking a good care of it important because buying this high quality Weber genesis grill not a cheap things. It is require to regularly remove the charred material from the grilling surface when cleaning this Weber genesis grill. Including wash the grill exterior also.

These things that you need when cleaning your lovely Wber genesis grill.
-Mild detergent
-Nonabrasive, nylon scrubbing pad/brush
-steel brush
-brass brush
-paper towel

1. Turn off the gas. Each time avery use,when the grill is still warm, using paper towels to wipe down the inside of the grill lid.By using steel brush to brushing the charred build-up away from your Weber gensis grill grate,burner and flavor bars. Doing this each time before you using the grill to cook. Then and at the same time, using the brass brush to brush the interior of the lid.

2. Wash the exterior of your Weber genesis grill by using the soapy water cloth, lightly wipe the grill body surface inside out. Using warm water to rinse your grill and wipe it until conpletely dry.

3. Each time after use, remove away the bottom tray and catch pan from your grill. Using mild detergent and a cloth to clean the bottom tray and catch pan. Make sure remove buildup of grease and other debris. Rinse and wipe.

4. On every two weeks the grates, burners, warming racks, or/and griddle with a warm soapy cloth. You may using the brush, nylon scrubbing or nonabrasive if it neccessary. Rinse it and wipe thoroughly.

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